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Blue Star Surfaris Maldives is a registered company in the Republic of Maldives with the purpose of operate surf boat trips for all surfers levels across the country.

The adventure begins in 2007, when Andres, 20 years of experience organizing and enjoying surfing trips to major destinations worldwide, takes a large step acquiring his own boat in order to operate a surf charter in the Maldives.

Finally the project becomes a reality of great efforts, Andres offers to surfers of all the planet to accompany him in this adventure, between atolls, turquoise waters and waves of great perfection.

Our mission is to give the surfers an unforgettable experience on board with all the characteristics of a surfari at Maldives, since this great project born from a surfer that travelled all around the world searching for the best waves.

The crew has a great experience at sea, they are very respectful and friendly so our clients can find themselves comfortable, safe and with a good service. All the trips are guided by Andres, the boat owner, with 10 years experience surfing in Maldives, speaks English, Italian and Spanish.

We operate different surfaris in Maldives depending on the season searching the best waves possible through the different atolls according to the surfing level of the guest on board to minimize risk and guarantee lot of fun.


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Boat Charters From captaining you own vessel to joining a group on a boat trip, boat charters can be a good way to get away from the crowds and reach the best spots that are only accessible by boat.